Our Economic Inclusion Commitment

President and CEO Tom Keckies

Messer Construction Co. is committed to leadership in creating economic opportunities for all segments of our regional communities. We believe sustainable change requires strategic relationships and a commitment of resources and capital. If we are to sustain growth and continue to compete in this ever-changing business environment, it is imperative that our Economic Inclusion initiatives continue to supportand uplift the communities in which we live and work. What does economic inclusion mean? To Messer, "Economic Inclusion is the lifeline of our future. It’s not just something that we say we do; it is a key component of our business plan, and is critical to the economic vitality of the rich mix of diverse communities and customers that we serve," states CEO and President, Tom Keckeis.

Stanford Williams Vice President of Economic Inclusion

Vice President, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Stanford Williams, believes in supporting the growth and development of our industry’s diverse business partners and workforce. It creates sustainable change and leads to an improved quality of life for all citizens. To him, Economic Inclusion is an opportunity, not only for Messer, but for everyone.

Our commitment to diversity is reflected through our core three components of Economic Inclusion, diverse partnerships, various networks and outreach.

Components of Economic Inclusion:

  • Supplier Diversity - where we introduce diverse subcontractors to opportunities to bid on Messer projects;
  • Workforce Diversity - commits Messer to providing an outstanding environment for long term professional growth for high-performing construction professionals. We will continue to attract talented people from diverse backgrounds with the goal of reflecting internally the demographics of the communities we serve;
  • Community Engagement - where our investments in our communities show our regional obligation to be actively engaged within the communities that we serve.

At Messer, we hold each component of Economic Inclusion as a core value. This provides sustainability, long-term growth and success – plus, it’s just good business. The primary and single most important element for successful Economic Inclusion is to have commitment from the top leaders within a company. No leadership, no followers. At Messer, our Economic Inclusion is achieved because it is a corporate business goal that’s driven from our President and CEO, Tom Keckeis, and the Executive Management team. As advocates for Economic Inclusion, they ensure that all Messer employees understand that these business goals are essential to the success of Messer, and they emphasize strong encouragement, commitment and accountability in meeting these goals.