The investigations by OSHA and the City of Cincinnati into the cause of the casino bay collapse on Friday remain ongoing and have the full support and cooperation of Messer Construction Co.

While we cannot comment on the details of the incident until the investigation is complete our project design and safety teams have reviewed all aspects of the construction, safety and inspection protocols, and we are implementing additional procedures to prevent this from happening again.

No part of this process has been or will in the future be compromised by the project schedule. We are confident that our augmented protocols for supervising, inspecting, and verifying all work performed in the construction schedule can be performed safely, or it will not go forward.

Worker safety remains the priority of all parties involved as we resume work on this important project. Based on receiving approvals, we will resume construction on all unrestricted areas of the site tomorrow, February 1st.

- Tom Keckeis, president and chief executive officer, Messer Construction Co.