Building Systems Group (BSG)

Unique to Messer, this in-house group of mechanical and electrical engineering experts helps eliminate what our research shows to be the number one frustration among building owners and stakeholders nationwide – complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems that don’t work as designed when a construction company claims a building is finished.

Our Building Systems Group engineers solve this by owning problems and tirelessly leading the charge to develop solutions. A Building Systems Group engineer is assigned to every project and backed by the expertise of nearly 20 supporting engineers. This group is led by Tim Toft, an expert with more than two decades of experience who is regarded as one of our industry’s leading mechanical and electrical authorities.

Starting in pre-construction, our engineers work with our MEP cost planning and estimating experts to select the systems that will provide the most long-term value for a client’s budget. They then work with the client to define the expectations of a particular system. As construction progresses, we “commission” as we go, which means we validate systems during construction rather than waiting until the end of a project. Before we ever say we’re done with a building, we ensure every system works as designed, assist with creating a training syllabus, and make certain the staff is trained to maintain these systems. We take responsibility for every system working, regardless who installed the system.

This is all part of our WorkRight promise, part of ValuePath, Messer’s Operational Differentiators. Our team-focused commissioning and closeout is unmatched in the industry and will add value to your project long after it’s built.