Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Messer understands that Integrated Project Delivery (or IPD) creates greater value and reduces risk by streamlining the design and construction process. By using knowledge gained through our national research project and our own proven experience, Messer understands how to navigate the nuances of IPD and successfully deliver your project.

IPD is successful when three fundamental concepts are combined:

  • Early creation of the integrated team
  • Collaboration with cross functional teams
  • Alignment of goals amongst the team members

Benefits of IPD:

  • Proven to reduce design and construction costs
  • Change orders are reduced, saving time and money
  • Quality improvements
  • Well-informed and effective decision making due to the availability of information earlier in the project
  • Less risk due to better information being available during all phases of the project
  • Overall reliable and consistent project results


Through our direct project experience and our extensive national research study, Messer uses industry best practices within our comprehensive implementation guide to manage Integrated Project Delivery. Our implementation guide details the holistic process for all participants to achieve success including key implementation strategies like:

  • Lean Planning & Scheduling
  • Integrated Design & Cost Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Safety4Site™
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

By integrating Lean planning prior to space programming and design, the opportunity is available to substantially save on the long-term costs of owning and occupying a building. Research indicates the vast majority of costs over the useful life of a building often go to operational (85%) and maintenance costs (12%). Messer can incorporate Lean planning into the project delivery process to create long-term efficiencies.