A disciplined and consistent approach to building

Messer is committed to providing quality projects for our clients. This is accomplished through a disciplined and consistent approach using processes and tools developed by Messer leadership.

We take a proactive approach that identifies the risks early and provides avenues for Messer managers to mitigate these risks and produce a quality project for our clients.

A component of this process relies on the use of a web-based software called Latista®. This software enables Messer to upload the most current construction documents for real-time access by the people installing the work.

Furthermore, this software enables anyone on the project team – owner, designer, Messer, or a subcontractor – to enter issues to be tracked and monitored. This saves both time and money at the end of the project because the issues are resolved along the way, in lieu of waiting for the typed report from the designer in the closeout phase.