Messer competes for high-performing subcontractors, which are the foundation of our ability to deliver on our commitments.

Developing strategic relationships with high-performing minority- and women-owned subcontractors helps create a competitive advantage that will both better serve our customers and grow our market share.

Step 1: Certification

MBE/WBEs who are interested in doing business with Messer must first be certified. We accept certifications from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and its regional chapters, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and its regional chapters as well as any federal, municipal or state certifications.

For additional information, download the list of approved MBE and WBE certifying agencies.

Step 2: Subcontactor Vendor Form

We want to provide you the opportunity to compete on projects for which you have the skills, financial strength and manpower to successfully complete. All of our subcontractors and suppliers are required to have a current and completed prequalification form on file prior to bidding on Messer’s projects.

Prequalify your company.

You will need to use Internet Explorer 10 (or above), Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 3: Connect with Us

Messer encourages potential subcontractors to contact us to discuss specific areas of expertise. This allows Messer to identify key opportunities and individuals to be the most successful business partners. Connect with us at